Board of Directors

Maurizio Solaro del Borgo

Maurizio is a senior investment professional with over twenty-five years of investment experience. He is chairman of the Italian Ceresio SIM and Global Selection SGR, and is Director of Belgrave Capital Management (U.K.) and Vitruvius Sicav (Lux.). He previously served in the Executive Committee of Lynx Selection Holdings and in the Board of Giano Capital.

Maria alessandra foglia

Maria Alessandra has been involved in international development since 1980, working for both government organizations and private sector. Since 2003, Maria Alessandra has been vice chairperson of the Fondazione del Ceresio (CH), where she coordinates the selection, monitoring, and evaluation of international poverty alleviation projects. Since 2006, she is a member of the NGO Federation of the Southern Switzerland (FOSIT).

Massimo Paolo Gentili

Founder of Gentili & Partners (Milan), Chairman of TMF Compliance Luxembourg S.A. and equity partner of the TMF Group.

Mr. Gentili has a longstanding experience on the main financial markets, he deals with projects launching new financial intermediaries and joint ventures for financial companies; he has an in-depth knowledge of the Luxembourg, English and Swiss market.

Robin Bidwell

Robin is Chairman of the ERM Foundation Low Carbon Enterprise Fund and the founder and former Executive Chairman of ERM. In addition to his work at the ERM Foundation, he chairs the Low Carbon Network Fund for Ofgem, the UK Gas and Electricity regulator, chairs the Green Alliance (a UK environment think tank), and chairs ZSL's Field Conservation Advisory Committee. He was awarded the CBE in 1999 for services to the environment. Robin will play an essential role in investing the Insitor Energy Access Fund, actively supporting the Insitor Management team throughout the investment process from scouting to negotiation and investment support. As Director of Insitor Impact Fund, Robin will take part in defining the portfolio strategy and all investment decisions. Robin will also act as liaison between the IEAF and the ERM Foundation.


Micaela heads the Insitor Management Team and is a Director of the Fund’s General Partners. Prior to co-founding the Insitor General Partner, Micaela worked at the strategy consulting firm Bain and Company in Milan, where she led start-up, turnaround, and merger and acquisition engagements for leading European financial groups. Before joining Bain in 1998, Micaela was part of the Finance group of Arthur Andersen Business Advisory. Micaela is Executive Director of Joma International, and on the Boards of First Finance MFI, Barefoot Power, and Biosense Technologies.